The Members of Whale Fall

Jared Matt Greenberg – Wurlitzer, Keys, Melodica, Trumpet

J-Matt Greenberg
Jared Matt Greenberg, aka “J-Matt”, cut his musical teeth in the San Francisco indie rock scene of the 1990s as keyboardist for Fox/BMG recording artists The Rosemarys, sharing bills with such artists as Slowdive, The Cranes, Catherine Wheel, Adorable, and The The, with soundtrack credits including Kiss of Death (Nicholas Cage, Samuel Jackon), P.C.U. with David Spade, and television’s The X Files. He went on to perform on keyboards, trumpet and occasional bass and guitar with a host of Bay Area groups including Dart, John Vecchiarelli, Sutro, John Vanderslice, and An American Starlet.

In 1999 he joined highschool pal Charles Wyatt in forming the ambient instrumental outfit Charles Atlas, who went on to release 5 full-length records, an EP, a remix album, and numerous singles and compilation tracks, while performing alongside the likes of Low, Jessica Bailiff, Yellow 6, Bright Eyes, M. Ward, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Drift, and Town and Country’s Ben Vida (aka Birdshow), among others. In addition to touring in the United States, U.K., and Italy, and performing at the 2007 M1 Fringe Festival in Singapore, Charles Atlas placed two songs in Paramount Pictures’ Golden Globe-winning 2009 film Up in the Air starring George Clooney, and their music has been featured in promotional media for Dreamworks Pictures’ The Help as well as in several documentaries and other media.

David Pomeranz – Guitar

David PomeranzDavid Pomeranz has had a bicoastal path in music in life.  Originally taking up classical piano as a child and then guitar during his teenage years in Reno, NV, his initial venture into live performance was with the band Gashcat in Ithaca, NY with Whale Fall bandmate Ali Vazin.  Afterwards the two headed to Brooklyn to form the band Luna Maria with Whale Fall drummer Aaron Farinelli.

Despite solid compositions and performances, an ever-present pull to return west led David to Colorado and subsequently home to Reno where he again took up piano composition.  During this time he successfully composed a self-titled solo piano album that was completed with help from a generous grant from the Nevada Arts Council.  David then moved to Los Angeles where he again began composing with Ali Vazin and by chance the two met Jared Matt Greenberg. The three found their musical styles intertwined, compounded and paralleled that of one another and together they began composing in free flow, calling themselves Whale Fall.

Ali Vazin – Guitar

Ali VazinAli Vazin is one of the founding members of Whale Fall.

Erik Tokle – The Bass Guitar

Erik TokleErik Tokle (“Tokle” to his friends and wife) has recently come to terms with his 20-year career as a “bassist.” He swears he’s only in it for the money and that if he had it to do over again would’ve invented bro-step and Wikipedia.

In his spare time Tokle writes and records vast quantities of ambient, drone & experimental music under the obvious moniker “etokle“, some of which was released by upstart Dutch ambient label Auraltone music in 2011. To date he has sold approximately 13 copies of this debut album: certified “Gravel” status.

Aaron Farinelli – Drums

Drummer extraordinaire, manning the kit for WF full-time. Pic and bio to come.

With Featured Artists

Jamie Peregrine – Cello